The first in this catalog of pirate paintings depicts three Merchant Sailors as they called themselves. Among them is  Captain Calico Jack. He was named after the patterns and shapes of the clouds at storm not his clothes. The second was called Action Tips the Tailor. The third was the preacher Rev. Gum Swiclke. And the story of this pirate artwork Goes something like this. The Captain awoke one stormy morning to find his pals Gum & Tips on the Beach yelling for him to join them. On this day, they were on their way to the East Caribbean. The early sun rise did flush out some of the lighting above in contrast. This trip was a fine art gathering Trip for all of them. The weather was so poor they would soon disregard their plans. The trip would should wait until the storm had passed. The next few days were very bad for sailing with tropical high winds, lightning bolts and low visibility.
  Finally, the weather cleared out and they were
allrelived at this for once. The trip would take the men about four weeks to complete. Mr. Tips told the captain he was crazy for trying to complete this journey now. His thoughts were that the trip would have been better served after the heavy storm seasons. Captain Jack did not agree and did declare the time was now and not then. This time, Rev. Swickle came to the Captains defense because he did so exactly every other time there was a dispute. The men now began gathering the provisions for the long trip. The crew soon sailed around the cove to greet them like a scene from many famous pirate paintings. The provisions were some basic tools used to assemble and disassemble furniture and metal fixtures used in conjunction with pirate art i.e. coins, sculpture, prints and other valuables. All the tools were hiding in a nearby cave to protect them from thieves and natural elements. Mr. Tips told the rest “I’m going to sit on the box for nowme legs are tired”. Along with the Captains tools were Mr. Tips tailor kit with his best art supplies.
  The beached sailors could hear the yelling and artful singing from the crew aboard their ship. This Excited the
piratecaptains bird named Dog-Boy who began to cry out to the men. Leaders of the crew would come ashore to have an in-depth meeting to discuss the resent events. They were all very concerned about the condition of the ship after the thunder storm. The meeting went very well with good news about the ship in-tact.  As expected the crew wanted to know about the plans for the new venture. Rev. Swickle told the shipmates the details were not to be discussed with most of the men from the ship.  Mr. Tips did concur the other shipmates seemed not to care so all was well for now. As they made their way to the row boats on the beach it became clear Rev. Swickle did not care for most of the staff. “What a bunch of un-educated animals” he stated to the Capt.  “This is more like Noah’s Ark then a proper Merchant Crew” he said “Not my cup of tea”.  The small boats could get them to the ship in no time short. The time was set to sail out of there on the next morning.
   Back on the pirate ship folks could not be happier to see the Capt.
Jack they greeted him with a big yell!
It was as if he had been away for years not just a week or so. The officers of the crew got a brief overview of the new mission.  A cool morning it was with the seascape beyond calling out to them. As the ship began to shift the Capt. did notice some damage to one of the main sails.  He ordered Mr. Tips to
fixit it as soon as possible.  After closer inspection Mr. Tips explained he would need more time to fix the sail because the tear was worse than expected. This was disturbing news to the Capt. and Rev. Swickle who did choose to concur at that time. Mr. Tips assured the entire crew the sails would be Completely repaired by the next day at twelve noon.  “Good news the crew yelled let’s drink to that.” Mr. Tips would work all night with three crew members whom he trusted with his tools. It was only due to the good fortune of the men Tips fond some scrap sail material. This good find would cut the repair time down to less than ten hours. Everything was jovial until Swickle pointed out that the new portion of sail was not going to match the rest. The Capt. responded to the
issue with a disgruntled sneer and then laughed out loud.
To be continued…..                                        

pirate art

Floutin with Disorder by Jonathan Nurmi Frank

         copyright 2015 30x36 oil on canvas